Adventures with drawing and painting

Watercolor painting of a winter field at sunset in Scotland.

Hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Welcome to my little art experiment…

Watercolor painting and contour line drawing self portrait.
Abstract watercolor painting of adult and child figures in a stream.

Five Figures Art is a creation by Nick Severson.

Close up of watercolor painting of the morning sky in blue and yellow.
Sketch of two hands, one lying face up and the other face down.

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The garden bed

An abstract watercolor painting combining a few different images from the past summer.

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Vivian’s first day of school

Similar to what I did for Sam, I made a little portrait of Vivian from her first day of school. She loves that her hair looks a little reddish/purple as she really wants to dye her hair. Oh, and shave it on one side to get it swooping over the other. πŸ™„ I used a…

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Watercolor painting of grass field and dog.

Rubee in the field

A little watercolor landscape, this time with the dog. Her sitting while in a field is a rare occurrence indeed. The texture and pattern of the grass was something I wanted to work on a bit on this. I wanted it to appear flat like the hillside makes it look, not stretching off into the…

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