Dining room, aka everything room

Illustration of dining room with cluttered table and bookshelves.

This is the room we always seem to end up in. In between the kitchen and the living room, this is the space with a long table that we eat and draw and do work on. It’s where my wife and I hang out in the evening when the kids are in bed and where the kids and I hangout when my wife takes a nap. I figured I’d finally draw it as I’ve spent so much time in it.

Close up of  a watercolor painting of a dining room with a clock on the wall.
Close up of a watercolor painting with a bike in the background.

I used Derwent Sepia watercolor along with pencil and a Uniball Eye Micro pen.

Dining room  photo that was used for the basis of the painting.
Watercolor painting of a dining room with clock on the wall.

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