Blue bell wood

This one “looks like The Gruffalo” says my wife. I don’t disagree. 😃 This scene is part of the field where we take our dog Rubee for walks. The woods here are now finally full and the floor is covered with bluebell flowers (I think that is what they are called anyway). It’s quite cool and made for a good challenge with this watercolor attempt.

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Back garden under construction

This is a view of our back garden as of a few weeks ago. Those trees you see are now in the ground, but things are still very much under construction. I hadn’t yet drawn the church by our house, so I liked the challenge of that as well as all the layers in this view. I have some ideas for more drawings featuring the church as it is such a cool building (200+ years old). I liked experimenting with a more storybook style of color and illustration on this one.

I used pencil and a Uniball Micro Pen first and then added color with Derwent Inktense watercolors and water pens.

Here was the original picture for the drawing.

Back garden with trees in pots.
Painting of trees in pots and church in the background.

Dining room, aka everything room

This is the room we always seem to end up in. In between the kitchen and the living room, this is the space with a long table that we eat and draw and do work on. It’s where my wife and I hang out in the evening when the kids are in bed and where the kids and I hangout when my wife takes a nap. I figured I’d finally draw it as I’ve spent so much time in it.

Close up of  a watercolor painting of a dining room with a clock on the wall.
Close up of a watercolor painting with a bike in the background.

I used Derwent Sepia watercolor along with pencil and a Uniball Eye Micro pen.

Dining room  photo that was used for the basis of the painting.
Watercolor painting of a dining room with clock on the wall.

Main St in blue

My idea with this was to play around with really dark foregrounds and light backgrounds. I thought I would use sepia for the foreground but ended up picking navy blue at the last minute. Although the streets were dry at the time I took the picture that inspired this painting, the blue gives the streets a wet feeling.

Close-up of watercolor painting of Main St Chryston in blue and yellow.

I limited myself to three colors on this (navy blue, yellow, and mango) and used Derwent Inktense watercolors.

Close-up of watercolor painting of Main St Chryston in blue and yellow.

The paper used is Winsor & Newton Cold Pressed Fine Grain A4 paper.

Close-up of watercolor painting of Main St Chryston in blue and yellow.

Here is the photo that inspired the painting:

Main street Chryson with sun rising behind houses.
Watercolor painting of Main St Chryston in blue and yellow.

Twisting branches

I’ve been noticing the branches of the trees here in Scotland all winter, how they are angular and curved at the same time, and have been wanting to draw and paint them in more detail for awhile. I actually started this with the intention of doing many of the branches but quickly became overwhelmed with that task and went with something s bit simpler.

Close up of tree watercolor painting
Close up of tree watercolor painting.
Close up of tree watercolor painting.

Here is the photo I was using as a reference:

Trees by a stream against a blue background.

This was the specific portion I decided to focus on:

Watercolor painting of dark and twisted tree branches.

Slightly amused (figure #69)

Keeping the Zoom portrait series going with a coworker looking slightly amused at something that was said. This one is a larger format (A4) than previous portraits (A5) mostly because I ordered the wrong size replacement. The extra space was pretty nice to work with though so happy accident I think.

Portrait of woman slightly smiling with a headset on.