I recently did a portrait of one of my daughter’s favorite fictional characters (see Robyn) and it was on my list to do one for my son. Spiderman was an obvious choice but close runners-up would have been any of the Avengers or a Transformer (Rescue Bots to be precise).

Like with the Robyn illustration, I used Lyra Groove Triple crayons (which are water-soluble) to create this piece.

Portrait of Spiderman with arms crossed.


My daughter and son rewatched Wolfwalkers this past week (our favorite film of 2020) and I thought it would be cool to draw the main protagonist Robyn. I also wanted an excuse to play with the Lyra Groove Triple crayons again. They are water-soluble and have a really rich pastel-like character. The texture turns out great on these I think. I’m looking forward to doing more!

Close up of painting of Robyn as a wolf from the movie Wolfwalkers.
Painting of Robyn as a wolf from the movie Wolfwalkers.