Blue bell wood

This one “looks like The Gruffalo” says my wife. I don’t disagree. 😃 This scene is part of the field where we take our dog Rubee for walks. The woods here are now finally full and the floor is covered with bluebell flowers (I think that is what they are called anyway). It’s quite cool and made for a good challenge with this watercolor attempt.

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My daughter and son rewatched Wolfwalkers this past week (our favorite film of 2020) and I thought it would be cool to draw the main protagonist Robyn. I also wanted an excuse to play with the Lyra Groove Triple crayons again. They are water-soluble and have a really rich pastel-like character. The texture turns out great on these I think. I’m looking forward to doing more!

Close up of painting of Robyn as a wolf from the movie Wolfwalkers.
Painting of Robyn as a wolf from the movie Wolfwalkers.

Hand and thumb

Another Zoom portrait using racing green instead of the typical sepia. I like the way the green turned out and picked this snapshot as I thought the inclusion of the hand was interesting. Turned out pretty good I think. Progress. 📈

Close up of portrait painting with just the face and eyes showing.

This piece was done using Derwent Inktense watercolors and water pens, along with a Uninball Eye Micro pen for the outlines.

Close up of portrait painting with just the mouth and hand showing.
Portrait painting of a guy with his hand on his chin and headphones on.

Back garden under construction

This is a view of our back garden as of a few weeks ago. Those trees you see are now in the ground, but things are still very much under construction. I hadn’t yet drawn the church by our house, so I liked the challenge of that as well as all the layers in this view. I have some ideas for more drawings featuring the church as it is such a cool building (200+ years old). I liked experimenting with a more storybook style of color and illustration on this one.

I used pencil and a Uniball Micro Pen first and then added color with Derwent Inktense watercolors and water pens.

Here was the original picture for the drawing.

Back garden with trees in pots.
Painting of trees in pots and church in the background.